About Us

DSC_0075Our purpose as an agency is to reach at-risk youth early and provide long-term solutions to the obstacles they face. This often includes providing access to educational opportunities they would not otherwise have. Located in central Santa Ana, Project Youth OCBF (Orange County Bar Foundation) serves over 1,000 at-risk youth each year. Our strategic plan includes positioning Project Youth OCBF as a one-stop center for integrated prevention and intervention services that address barriers to education, health, youth crime, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse. To accomplish this, our work is focused on filling existing service gaps, creating extended service networks, and facilitating service linkages for at-risk youth.

Project Youth has a highly skilled bilingual, bicultural staff and offers culturally competent services that are family-focused and client-centered. We continue to be recognized for strengthening Orange County youth and families through our unique, award-winning programs: The Higher Education Mentoring Program provides low-income, Latino high school students from Santa Ana with the academic, social, and financial support needed to graduate from high school, succeed in college, and prepare for professional careers. Project SELF provides low-income high school students with summer internships at local law firms. SHORTSTOP provides juvenile crime diversion services to youth who are at-risk of criminal activity. STOP SHORT of Addiction is a state-certified substance abuse program for youth drug offenders. ¡Cuídate! is a school-based program for Latinos that works to prevent teen pregnancy, STD/HIV infection, and substance abuse. Madres Unidas provides Latina mothers and their daughters with health education sessions and family therapy designed to prevent substance abuse and HIV infection.

Project Youth is a fiscally sound agency with a strong governing Board of Directors of 40 members, and an Associate Board of over 20 members. We are committed to providing our services on a long-term basis and continue to have a major impact on the lives of local youth and families through our evidence-based programs. We are well known and respected by community funders and have proven successful in securing funding for the long-term sustainability of our programs.