Non-Clinical Services

Martha Madrid, Associate Director

Welcome to Project Youth OCBF’s non-clinical services! As director of our diversion, health education and mentoring services, I am proud to say that our organization is providing nationally recognized best practice and culturally sound programs that truly benefit Orange County families. Project Youth continually remains apprised of the changes taking place in the community, its demographics, its rapidly changing environmental factors, crime statistics, and campus trends. Today, our young people are faced with tremendous pressure to engage in behaviors such as dropping out of school, gang involvement, substance abuse, and early sexual activity. As an organization, we are constantly working to develop best practice models that offer families prevention, as well as intervention programs, in order to help our youth succeed.

Giving young offenders an opportunity to maintain a clean juvenile record, our flagship programs, SHORTSTOP and Programa SHORTSTOP, have provided culturally competent diversion services in lieu of prosecution for juveniles and their parents for over 20 years. These court approved programs have a combined 88% success rate that youth who successfully complete the program do not reoffend.

Our Higher Education Mentoring Program assists Latino youth (males and females) from the city of Santa Ana to graduate from high school and succeed in college. Providing each participant with a role model/mentor and highly individualized services, we currently have over 97 program graduates attending universities throughout California and back east!

Youth & Family Clinical Services

Nazly Restrepo, Associate Director

Our youth and family clinical services offer family and individual therapy for youth and their families in Orange County. Therapy sessions address substance abuse prevention and treatment, behavioral issues, and prevention of Hep/HIV/AIDS for at-risk and/or reentry youth. We also provide clinical assessments and case management services.

We use evidence-based models and best practices to ensure the best program is chosen for the target population. In addition, our clinical programs have rigorous evaluation components to continue quality assurance and provide outcome results.

Our clinical programs include STOP SHORT of Addiction and Madres Unidas. Our therapists are registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and are supervised by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Our staff is guided by the National Association of Social Work Code of Conduct. We also provide internships opportunities for MSW and BSW students in our clinical programs.