COVID-19: How we can help

April 8, 2020 | Blog, OCBF News

WE HELP BECAUSE WE CAN – COVID-19 has hit hard. It is a tough time for all . . . But for those of us with resources we can help those who are lacking resources due to this crisis. KINDNESS truly matters and how we help matters.

Sadly, so many of our families have lost income, families that were already struggling to make ends meet. Everyday our staff is calling families we serve and it is saddening to hear just how hard this crisis has hit these families. So many are out of work, living in less than desirable conditions and just trying to put food on the table. 

At Project Youth OCBF, we have found ways to help.  

Through our generous Project Youth OCBF supporters, we are providing immediate support of Gift Cards for food and essentials to all of our students and families in need, including gift cards to Target, Costco and Northgate Market. We extend a special thank you to Northgate Market who stepped up in a big way through the donation of their gift cards to our families. 

Additionally, twice a month Project Youth OCBF provides Food Care Packages to 20 to 25 families.  These packages include fresh food for a week and $50 to $100 in gift cards. And perhaps most helpful TOILET PAPER. We can offer these food drives because of our long-standing partnership with Hands of Mercy. Currently, our Associate Board is working to expand our food drive efforts by securing additional food and essential items for donation and distribution. This is a great example of helping because we can.

On the educational front, we are providing Wellness Checks, Emotional Support and COVID-19 Education/Resources to our students and their families. We are also linking our families to health, financial and food resources that are available to them.

Our students and families need your help now more than ever.  We cannot provide badly needed resources to our students and their families without your support. Please consider giving to Project Youth OCBF so that we can continue to help and support our students and families during these difficult and challenging times. If you want to help through a donation to Project Youth OCBF, please go to our GIVE link at:

Any way you choose to help will be greatly appreciated. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of our students and their families and help us to continue our mission to Empower Our Youth to Make Positive Choices!

With Gratitude,
Mark Erickson, Project Youth OCBF President 
Karen Ruan, Executive Director