CBO Counselor Connection at the University of Pennsylvania Celebrates Diversity

This past August, I represented OCBF’s Higher Education Mentoring Program at CBO Counselor Connection at the University of Pennsylvania. Many nonprofit organizations, dedicated to helping historically underrepresented, socioeconomically disadvantaged, or first-generation college students participated. Penn faculty and staff held several student/faculty panels and interactive workshops for participants. They shared with us the student profile characteristics that the University of Pennsylvania considers in the admissions process. In one workshop, each attendee was presented with the same three student profiles and tasked with deciding which of the three should be admitted, waitlisted, or dropped. Upon comparing our choices, we discovered that all three students had been deemed acceptable. This demonstrates that students with different and unique strengths are considered for admission by great schools like Penn University, and that their unique strengths should be emphasized college applications.  I am grateful for the insight and skills I gained through the panels, research presentation, and interactive workshops. I believe that this experience has enhanced the skills I need to fulfill my role as the coordinator for the Higher Education Mentoring Program.

By: Santiago Sandoval, Higher Education Mentoring Program Coordinator