Celebrating 20 Years

November 9, 2015 | Blog

This fall of 2015, I celebrate 20 years of employment with the Orange County Bar Foundation as Associate Director of diversion, health, and higher education services. I am proud to work for an organization that provides nationally recognized, culturally sound programs that are considered best practice. Over the years, I have been pleased to witness the positive impact that OCBF’s services have on families in Orange County. OCBF constantly strives to develop and offer prevention and intervention programs that help youth avoid negative behaviors and lead healthy, productive lives. Our flagship program, SHORTSTOP, and Programa SHORTSTOP, have a combined 88% success rate in preventing youth from reoffending. To date, the Higher Education Mentoring Program has assisted 176 students pursue higher education. Currently, 97 program graduates attend colleges and universities in California and other states. 72 program graduates have already received bachelor’s degrees, and 12 have earned master’s degrees. I feel fortunate to be a part of a nonprofit that is making great strides in improving the community.

By: Martha Madrid, Associate Director