How STOP SHORT of Addiction Works

STOP SHORT of Addiction works with youth to stop patterns of behavior from escalating into drug addiction and chronic criminal behavior. An example of this can be seen by a current statement made by a 15 year old male after completing the program. He was referred by the Santa Ana Police Department for being under the influence of marijuana. He reported having problems with his mother and her new boyfriend. His mother reported to having communication problems, as well.

“This program gave me a chance to think about my future and appreciate what I have. I learned about the effects of drugs and what they can cause. It made me realized that I wasn’t handling my problems in a healthy way. It got me to talk to my mom and she actually listened. I think this is a great program because it gives you a 2nd chance and it’s like reality check for the people that go this program.”

 The overwhelming success of STOP SHORT of Addiction is largely due to the fact that we incorporate families into our program services.

by Nazly Restrepo, MSW, Associate Director