It Takes a Village or at Least a Family

April 21, 2020 | Blog, OCBF News

Many of you have asked how Anne from our first COVID-19 story is doing at college.  The answer is pretty special.

Project Youth OCBF has reached out to Anne and provided support for her in these challenging times.  Project Youth OCBF mobilized its contacts in Anne’s area and helped her obtain the items that she needs so that she can be safe and healthy as she continues to live on her college campus. Anne and Project Youth OCBF are also working to see if her college dining hall can design a meal program that will work for her. The most important thing is that Anne feels supported and safe so that she can focus on, and be successful in, college.

[see left image; food that was delivered to Anne by Project Youth OCBF.]

One of our Board members who was involved in supporting Anne summed up Project Youth OCBF’s mission: “I like to think that we are doing what we would have done for our own kids.  When we help our HEM students realize their college dreams, our work does not end.  It is as important, or perhaps even more important, that we do what we can to help them succeed in college.  That is all that the Project Youth OCBF family has done here.  We were in a position to help, so we did. And Anne has done a great job of helping herself as well and we will continue to work in partnership with Anne to ensure that she has the tools and support to be successful in college and beyond.”