Madres and Youth Making Proud Choices 2018 Testimonials

July 19, 2018 | Blog, Madres Unidas
Rocio Aceves

“I was born in Mexico City. My whole family is from Mexico. I have three sons. They were born here in Orange County. 

 When I attended Madres Unidas, it was at my youngest child’s school site. I did not know a lot of things that were presented. And it was a great experience, because the presenters were very nice, very patient, and they presented the program with great ease. It did not feel like they were lecturing us, but instead it felt as though a great friend, who had this great information, was just so excited to share it with all of us. 

In the beginning of Madres Unidas, I was very shy, and was having trouble in my marriage.  However, somehow, I did not want to see it. Madres Unidas made me realize what I was doing wrong, and that there was a way for me to fix it. I learned how to take care of myself, so I can take care of my family; how to be and stay strong for me, and my family. 

There are many things we do not speak of in our family, including alcohol, drugs, sex, and STDs. Through Madres Unidas, I learned that is not only important to know, but it is also important to share this knowledge with our family and friends. How to protect oneself, how to recognize certain things that put us at risk of getting sick or be in a situation that one can control and get out in time. Now, I know how to talk to my family about sexually transmitted diseases, and how they can protect themselves.  As a Health Educator for Madres Unidas, and working for Project Youth OCBF, I have been empowered and I am proud to share my knowledge with other women  from the community who participate in the program.”

– Rocio Aceves

Victoria Hernandez

“The Madres program has helped me to have a better relationship with my family; I have a better understanding of how to talk with
son about the dangers facing young people today. I have more knowledge on alcohol and drugs and I learned a lot about HIV & STIs. I would recommend this program to other teens.”

Dulce Diaz

– Victoria Hernandez


“Thank you for these excellent programs! In Madres I learned quite a bit about drugs, risky sexual behaviors, STI’s and HIV. In Youth Making Proud Choices my son also learned about these topics. I definitely recommend to other women and youth.” 

– Dulce Diaz

Ruby R.

“This class makes teens feel comfortable to ask questions, Project Youth –OCBF is a safe place. I have learned a lot, now I know I can be safe in the future. I’d recommend Youth Making Proud Choices to other teens.”

– Ruby R., age 16