National HIV Testing Day is June 27

Every year, more than 45,000 people discover they are living with HIV — the sad reality is that over 90 percent of new HIV infections could have been prevented with testing and early diagnosis to ensure early, ongoing treatment

For more than 20 years, June 27, National HIV Testing Day, has been dedicated specifically to testing, and Project Youth offers free HIV and Hep C testing through Free referrals to our partnering agencies in Irvine and Santa Ana. Call today for a Free referral and Free test!

Madres Unidas - Overview

Madres Unidas is funded through a grant from Hoag Memorial Hospital. It is a 6-week intervention, targeting Latina women 26-50 years of age. The curriculum uses gender and cultural pride to educate women on the prevention of substance abuse & HIV/AIDS, and offers onsite free HIV testing.

Madres Unidas components:

  • HIV/AIDS health education and risk reduction sessions
  • Ethnic and gender pride promotion
  • Assertiveness training
  • Coping skills
  • HIV onsite testing
  • Behavior management skills

Orange County Latina mothers, aged 26-50, interested in preventing substance abuse and HIV infection for themselves and their family members


Hands of Mercy

Project Youth OCBF has also had the privilege of partnering with Hands of Mercy and its Director, Glen Whitaker for the past few years. Hands of Mercy generously provides food and grocery boxes to 20 Project Youth OCBF families in need on a monthly basis. This contribution of grocery needs has allowed numerous program families (read more)

Madres Unidas selected as a recipient of the Noble Viking Charities of Orange County Annual Holiday Food Box Event

Madres Unidas, a program of the Orange County Bar Foundation dba Project Youth OCBF, has been selected as a recipient of the Noble Viking Charities of Orange County Annual Holiday Food Box Event!  Every December, Noble Viking Charities, a California nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, packs over 1,000 food boxes with holiday dinner and other necessities for needy (read more)

Madres and Youth Making Proud Choices 2018 Testimonials

“I was born in Mexico City. My whole family is from Mexico. I have three sons. They were born here in Orange County.   When I attended Madres Unidas, it was at my youngest child’s school site. I did not know a lot of things that were presented. And it was a great experience, because the (read more)

Why We Offer This Program

Many parents hesitate when it comes to discussing underage drinking and/or sexual behavior with their adolescents. Perhaps they are embarrassed or feel that their daughters or sons are not at-risk. According to data from a “Monitoring the Future” national survey, about 75% of teens try alcohol before graduating from high school. The harsh reality is that many young people and parents are uninformed about how powerful drugs and alcohol can be. Being under the influence can lead to many poor choices among 15- through 17-year-olds:

  • 51% say that they are personally concerned that they might “do more” sexually than they planned to because they were drinking or using drugs.
  • Approximately four million teens contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) each year.
  • Among youth, minorities and teenage girls have been particularly hard hit by HIV/AIDS. Girls now make up 57% of people, aged 13-19, who are infected with HIV.

Drug abuse and addiction have been linked with HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. Although injection drug use is well known in this regard, the role that non-injection drug abuse (such as alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy (MDMA), etc.) plays in the spread of HIV is less recognized. It is partly due to the addictive and intoxicating effects of many drugs, which can alter judgment and inhibition, leading people to engage in impulsive and unsafe behaviors. Poor judgment and risky behavior can put a person at risk for getting HIV; drug and alcohol intoxication affect judgment and can lead to unsafe sexual practices, which put people at risk for getting HIV or transmitting it to someone else.

Get Started!

If you are a Latina between the ages of 25 and 50 years old, live in Orange County, and would like to participate in the Madres Unidas program, please contact your local Santa Ana Unified School District campus to see if they offer the Madres Unidas program; you may also contact Martha Madrid directly at Project Youth at (714) 480-1925,  ext. 107 or mmadrid@pyocbf.org.


Testimonials and Success Stories

“Thank you so much for sharing this information with us; Madres Unidas was excellent! I enjoyed the camaraderie with the other women and learned so much.”

-Madres Unidas participant

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“Thank you for having instructors who know how to explain these delicate topics; they patiently addressed all my concerns and answered all my questions.”

-Madres Unidas participant

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“Los presentaciones y demostraciones por el grupo de lideres fueron claras y los ejercicios fueron muy utiles.”

-Madres Unidas participant

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Let's Get Started!

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