SHORTSTOP Instructors

July 16, 2015 | Juvenile Diversion, SHORTSTOP

It is no secret that our youth struggle to associate potential consequences with their actions. Luckily, our team of highly qualified SHORTSTOP instructors do an outstanding job of working with troubled/at-risk youth to turn their lives around. With 25 years as a SHORTSTOP instructor, Kevin Stinson, Administrator at the California Court of Appeal, strongly emphasizes the “decision-making process” and has helped hundreds of youth turn “ignorance” into “knowledge.” As a SHORTSTOP instructor for the past 15 years, Detective Eddie Nunez, of the Santa Ana Police Department, has taken a “cultural” approach by educating and empowering countless Latino families. Lastly, Deputy Juvenile Correctional Officer Javier Orozco, with the Orange County Probation Department, has spent the last 10 years as a SHORTSTOP instructor, effectively demonstrating the realities of life behind bars while also emphasizing the importance of “family values” and “future goal setting.”

–Adam Sattar, SHORTSTOP Coordinator