Stanford Admissions Counselor Motivates Higher Education Mentoring Program Participants

On September 23, 2015, Yancie M. Davis, an admissions counselor at Stanford University, visited the Orange County Bar Foundation to present an overview of Stanford to the high school student participants of the Higher Education Mentoring Program. This informational workshop was very beneficial to the attendees, as they not only received information about the university, but also learned Mr. Davis’ personal story of how he was able to overcome an oppressive background to become a successful college student. Mr. Davis showed a video about student life at Stanford, allowing the audience to view the campus through the eyes of Stanford students and to learn of the diverse clubs at the university. The staff and participants of the Higher Education Mentoring Program appreciate the valuable information and time Mr. Davis spent with us. His visit encouraged many students to consider applying to Stanford University this upcoming year.

By: Santiago Sandoval, Higher Education Mentoring Program Coordinator