Update: Catching up with Board Member Maria Stearns

August 21, 2016 | OC Marathon

The following is an update to our February 28 post regarding OCBF board member Maria Stearns’ latest fundraising efforts. Notwithstanding a significant injury, Maria successfully completed the Nike Women’s Mexico City Half Marathon, yet another achievement in her race to raise funds benefiting the programs of the Orange County Bar Foundation. Thanks again, Maria, for your continued support!

16-8-21 Stearns blog

A very belated thank you for your awesome support for my charity fundraising efforts. On April 24, I tackled the Nike Women’s Mexico City Half Marathon, torn ACL and all. Funny story…. After tearing my ACL, I had planned on walking the race. But, I learned the night before when reading the “fine print” (in Spanish!) that racers only had 3 hours to complete the 13.1 mile course; there would be a bus coming through for the last couple miles for those who weren’t going to finish in under 3 hours. Even if I channeled my most powerful Olympic speed walking moves, there was no way that I could walk it in less than 3 hours. So I laid awake researching “how much more damage could I do to my torn ACL by running a half marathon on it?” Turns out, not much! I managed to finish in under the 3-hour bus cut-off, two days later had my ACL surgery and now 3 months later I’m back at it. Not sure what next year’s adventure will be…. Thanks for helping me raise funds for a great organization.” – Maria Stearns