Associate Board

Project Youth OC’s Associate Board is a volunteer group of successful, socially conscious, and motivated young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, who support the mission of Project Youth OC.

The Associate Board provides support by building awareness in the community about the programs of Project Youth OC and raises funds by holding several fundraisers a year. Project Youth OC’s Associate Board introduces young professionals to the varied programs and works of the organization. Through volunteer activities, social events and networking opportunities, the Associate Board assists in the cultivation of the next generation of leaders committed to Project Youth OC and serving those in need in our community.

Associate Board 2023 President’s Message
Anthony W. Burton, Esq.

Project Youth OC has continued to help the youth in Santa Ana for well over 50 years and their presence in the community has never been stronger than it is today. With programs dedicated to helping students stop short of addiction and divert their energy toward more worthwhile endeavors, health and educational programs, higher education mentoring opportunities along with vocational and job training which prepares students with the necessary skills to work in a professional environment, Project Youth OC gives the community necessary tools and skills to meet expectations once they have graduated from high school.

I have proudly been a part of this organization for the past 7 years and I have watched it grow its reach within the Orange County community every year. With the additional of programs such as ICAN! which offers career vocational training to equip students with necessary skills to compete in today’s job market, Project Youth OC continues to provide its participants with the skills needed to meet the demands of a complex world which has never been more challenging to navigate. When I was growing up, I did not have these programs available to me or to the students I attended school with although I did have a strong support system at home. However, I know that each student’s opportunities are not all equal nor is the information available to them. Having programs like those offered by Project Youth OC available that can provide the knowledge and know-how to be prepared to overcome the challenges that they will face as adults is invaluable to any community and I could not be prouder to be a part of an organization that knows this and continues to expand its reach and influence within Orange County.

As the Associate Board President in 2023, I will aim to continue to raise funds which will allow Project Youth OC to continue to offer its programs to the community. I will also look to help the organization raise awareness as to what it has accomplished in the past and can accomplish in the future for other areas of California which remain underserved, and which could benefit from the results which Project Youth OC has continued to deliver for decades. On behalf of the Associate Board, I thank each and every person who supports this organization and helps us continue to make a positive change in our community.


Anthony W. Burton, Esq.

Chariese Solorio, Esq.

Alexander C. Payne, Esq.

Jordan Murrel

Tyler J. Cesar, Esq.
Board Liaison

Kristin L. Gomez, Esq.
Immediate Past President

Anthony W. Burton, Esq.AWB Law, P.C.

Katherine E.B. Collins, Esq.Kutak Rock LLP

Fernando CrisantosSVN | Vanguard

Edwin Hong, Esq.The Simon Law Group

Casey H. Kempner, Esq.P&P Imports LLC

Michael S. LutfiJP Morgan Chase & Co

Sarah T. Mase, Esq.

Dustin G. May, Esq.

John M. Montevideo, Esq.Montevideo Law, PC

Jordan MurrelJP Morgan Chase & Co

Aditi Murillo, Esq.Minyard Morris LLP

John P. Murillo, Esq.Minyard Morris LLP

Nandita Nayyar, Esq.Berger Kahn

Anne Nicholson, Esq.Rutan & Tucker, LLP

Alexander C. Payne, Esq.Minyard Morris LLP

Janani S. Rana, Esq.Minyard Morris, LLP

Ashton M. Riley, Esq.Fisher & Phillips, LLP

Scarlet R. Rush, Esq.Wesierski & Zurek LLP

Nicholas J. Schuchert, Esq.Troutman Pepper

Chariese R. Solorio, Esq.Snell & Wilmer LLP

Beau W. Stockstill, Esq.Paul Hastings LLP

Matthew M. Stokke, Esq.Cohen Healthcare Law Group

Stephanie L. Talavera, Esq.Jackson Tidus

Lucas A. Urgoiti, Esq.Allen Matkins

Jessica A. Vidal, Esq.Payne & Fears LLP

Casper J. Yen, Esq.

Past Associate Board Presidents
2022 Kristin L. Gomez
2021 Andrea W.S. Paris
2020 Anthony C. Modarelli III
2019 Kelly L. Galligan
2018 Wesley K. Polischuk
2017 Jonathan M. Skorheim
2016 Miguel P. Prietto
2015 Ashley E. Merlo
2014-2013 Taylor R. Dalton