Associate Board

Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board is a volunteer group of successful, socially conscious, and motivated young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, who support the mission of Project Youth.

The Associate Board provides support by building awareness in the community about the programs of Project Youth and raises funds by holding several fundraisers a year. Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board introduces young professionals to the varied programs and works of the organization. Through volunteer activities, social events and networking opportunities, the Associate Board assists in the cultivation of the next generation of leaders committed to Project Youth and serving those in need in our community.

Associate Board 2021 President’s Message
Andrea W.S. Paris, Esq.

Andrea W.S. Paris

 “We can choose to be affected by the world or we can choose to affect the world.” Heidi Wills 

If there was ever a period in our lifetimes when the entire world was affected, it is now. However, when the world seemed to shut down, Project Youth OCBF chose instead to affect the community it serves – at-risk and underprivileged youth and their families. Rather than reduce the services offered, the Executive team, staff, volunteers, Board, Associate Board, sponsors, partners, and supporters increased our impact by providing gift cards for food and essentials to our students and families in need. Students and their families are receiving wellness checks and emotional support. Project Youth OCBF also participated in its first toy drive to deliver some semblance of holiday cheer to the families with children who need them most. Project Youth OCBF’s programs are extremely successful because they support youth in a holistic way. The efforts the organization made to affect impactful change during the pandemic truly reflects its unwavering dedication to its mission. 

I joined the Associate Board a few years ago because I was particularly drawn to the Higher Education Mentoring Program. I grew up abroad and moved to the United States when I was 16 and patched together a plan to get to college and apply for grants and scholarships through the generosity and guidance of teachers and friends. I never forget that I am indebted to many and am not solely responsible for my successes. Serving on Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board is a chance for me to help young people achieve what they are truly capable of. Participating in the organization also introduced me to an inspirational group of people who are generous with their time, talents, and resources.

I am humbled to serve as the 2021 President of Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board in what will likely continue to be a challenging year. Yet, I am truly excited about the year to come. The organization is led and supported by exceptionally creative, dedicated, and generous people. I am confident that together, we will face each challenge with purpose and will choose to affect our community in positive ways. The Associate Board will continue to raise awareness about Project Youth OCBF and its programs. Most importantly, we will continue to find creative ways to raise funds for our programs, which are changing not just the lives of our youth but their families as well. 

On behalf of the Associate Board, we thank you for your generous partnership and support as we work together to affect change by supporting and empowering our youth.

Andrea W.S. Paris
2021 Project Youth OCBF Associate Board President

2021 Associate Board Officers

  • President – Andrea W.S. Paris, Esq.
  • President Elect – Kristin L. Garcia Gomez, Esq.
  • Treasurer – Chariese R. Solorio, Esq.
  • Secretary – Kevin J. Grochow, Esq.
  • Board Liaison – G. Lucia Valenzuela, Esq.
  • Immediate Past President – Anthony C. Modarelli III, Esq.

Associate Board

Anthony W. Burton, Esq.
Fernando Cristantos
Blake E. Crossen
Jessica L. (Garland) Daley, Esq.
Taylor R. Dalton, Esq.
Erin (Mindoro) Ezra, Esq.
Alexis P. Federico, Esq.
Aleksandar Glebov
Menno Goedman, Esq.
Kristin L. Garcia Gomez, Esq.
Kevin J. Grochow, Esq.
Allan W. Gustin, Esq.
Patrick R. Gutierrez, Esq.
Christopher Z. Jones
Casey H. Kempner, Esq.
Michael Lufti
Andrew J. Mase, Esq.
Sarah T. Mase, Esq.
Dustin G. May, Esq.
Anthony C. Modarelli, Esq.
John M. Montevideo, Esq.
Matthew A. Moses, Esq.
Jordan Murrel
Francisco Navarro, Esq.
Brittany A. Ortiz, Esq.
Andrea W. S. Paris, Esq.
Alexander C. Payne, Esq.
Andrew G. Prout, Esq.
Janani S. Rana, Esq.
Vikram M. Reddy, Esq.
Ashton M. Riley, Esq.
Nora N. Salem, Esq.
Nicholas J. Schuchert, Esq.
Chariese R. Solorio, Esq.
Beau W. Stockstill, Esq.
Matthew M. Stokke, Esq.
Christopher Trudeau, CIC, CAB, CWCA
G. Lucia Valenzuela, Esq.
Kimberly A. VandenAkker, Esq.
Casper J. Yen, Esq.
Past Associate Board Presidents 
2020Anthony C. Modarelli III
2019Kelly L. Galligan
2018Wesley K. Polischuk
2017Jonathan M. Skorheim
2016Miguel P. Prietto
2015Ashley E. Merlo
2013-2014Taylor R. Dalton