Associate Board

Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board is a volunteer group of successful, socially conscious, and motivated young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, who support the mission of Project Youth.

The Associate Board provides support by building awareness in the community about the programs of Project Youth and raises funds by holding several fundraisers a year. Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board introduces young professionals to the varied programs and works of the organization. Through volunteer activities, social events and networking opportunities, the Associate Board assists in the cultivation of the next generation of leaders committed to Project Youth and serving those in need in our community.

A Message from 2019 Associate Board President Kelly Lucinda Galligan

Kelly Lucinda Galligan, Esq.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Everyday, I see the Project Youth OCBF Associate Board Members, a group of energetic, Orange County young professionals, sharing this Winston Churchill philosophy. The Associate Board Members inspire me because, despite leading demanding, high-pressure lives, they make it a priority to invest their time and resources into the future of our community through their involvement in Project Youth OCBF. They dedicate themselves to the organization’s mission to create opportunities for economically and disadvantaged youth in Orange County.  

I am honored to serve as the 2019 President of Project Youth OCBF’s Associate Board, to serve with some of the most generous and devoted individuals I have ever met. This year, the Associate Board will host fundraisers, engage in programs, and spread and endorse the organization’s mission. We are confident and optimistic about the future of our organization and our community. We pledge to continue increasing the capacity of our programs to serve and empower more underprivileged youth, giving them the opportunities they deserve.

On behalf of the Associate Board, we appreciate your caring and generosity as we continue to make a difference in the lives of youth in our community.

Kelly Lucinda Galligan
2019 Project Youth OCBF Associate Board President

2019 Associate Board Officers

  • President – Kelly L. Galligan, Esq.
  • President Elect – Anthony C. Modarelli III, Esq.
  • Secretary – Jessica L. Daley, Esq.
  • Treasurer – Eddie Quillares, Jr.
  • Board Liaison – Kristin L. Gomez, Esq.
  • Immediate Past President – Wesley K. Polischuk, Esq.


Associate Board

Anthony W. Burton, Esq.
Fernando Cristantos
Jessica L. (Garland) Daley, Esq.
Taylor R. Dalton, Esq.
Erin (Mindoro) Ezra, Esq.
Alexis P. Federico, Esq.
Kelly L. Galligan, Esq.
Kristin L. Garcia, Esq.
Aleksandar Glebov
Menno Goedman, Esq.
Kevin J. Grochow, Esq.
Lauren E. Grochow, Esq.
Allan W. Gustin, Esq.
Patrick R. Gutierrez, Esq.
Leah A. Hamlin, Esq.
Christopher Z. Jones
Casey H. Kempner, Esq.
Michael Lufti
Nedda Mahrou, Esq.
Andrew J. Mase, Esq.
Sarah T. Mase, Esq.
Dustin G. May, Esq.
Anthony C. Modarelli, Esq.
John M. Montevideo, Esq.
Matthew A. Moses, Esq.
Jordan Murrel
Andrea W. S. Paris, Esq.
Alexander C. Payne, Esq.
Andrew G. Prout, Esq.
Eddie Quillares, Jr.
Janani S. Rana, Esq.
Vikram M. Reddy, Esq.
Ashton M. Riley, Esq.
Nora N. Salem, Esq.
Nicholas J. Schuchert, Esq.
Chariese R. Solorio, Esq.
Beau W. Stockstill, Esq.
Matthew M. Stokke, Esq.
G. Lucia Valenzuela, Esq.
Kimberly A. VandenAkker, Esq.
Casper J. Yen, Esq.
Past Associate Board Presidents 
2018Wesley K. Polischuk
2017Jonathan M. Skorheim
2016Miguel P. Prietto
2015Ashley E. Merlo
2013-2014Taylor R. Dalton