Madres Unidas

Madres Unidas is a 14-week intervention targeting Latinas, 26-50 years of age, who have adolescent daughters.  Madres Unidas works to reduce the risk of HIV infection among these women and their family members. This free program provides mothers with communication techniques to address alcohol and drug use, as well as early sexual activity, STDs and HIV infection. Part of the intervention includes eight weeks of evidence-based Brief Strategic Family Therapy. Services are designed to prevent substance abuse and promote:

  • Ethnic and gender pride
  • HIV/AIDS and STD health education and risk reduction
  • Assertiveness training and coping skills
  • Free on-site HIV testing and health care linkages

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Project Youth tailored and adapted ¡Cuídate!, an evidenced-based HIV program model.

¡Cuídate!, which means “take care of yourself,” is a culturally-based, group-level intervention to reduce HIV sexual risk behavior among Latino youth. It is based on Social Cognitive Theory, Theory of Reasoned Action, and Theory of Planned Behavior, and incorporates cultural beliefs that are common among Latino subgroups and associated with sexual risk behavior.

Project Youth is implementing ¡Cuídate! as a teen pregnancy prevention risk reduction program for Latino youth, aged 12-18, who attend alternative schools in Santa Ana or foster care. This culturally-based program focuses on “taking care of oneself and one’s partner, family, and community.” This is accomplished by working with youth to develop the requisite knowledge, attitude, and skills to reduce their risk of HIV infection. ¡Cuidate! also addresses several significant adult preparation issues, including adolescent development, healthy relationships, education and career success, healthy life skills, and financial literacy.

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