Board of Directors

Project Youth OCBF’s Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and fiscal management of the Foundation. This impressive 45-member board is comprised of Orange County’s top legal professionals and business leaders. The success of Project Youth is due much in part to the strength and commitment of the Board.


Board member Eric Traut of Traut Firm was featured in last year’s July/August publication of Consumer Attorneys of America. View Volunteer Spotlight – Eriv V. Traut to learn about Eric’s continued involvement with Project Youth fundraisers and programs such as the OC Marathon, Project SELF, and the Higher Education Mentoring Program.

Steven T. Card

 A Message from
Project Youth OCBF 2019 President, Steven T. Card

Elevate – A short yet powerful word – to raise, to lift, to promote.  At Project Youth OCBF, our programs are designed to elevate kids, helping them learn, grow, and change behaviors through education and empowerment. We are so fortunate to have impacted thousands of kids over our strong 50 year history. This past has been made possible through an outstanding group of people including our dedicated staff, volunteer board members, donors and community supporters, many who have been loyal for decades.

Leveraging this successful history, we must now look forward to our future!  To ensure continued growth and success, we are implementing a comprehensive Capital Campaign to raise the support needed to thrive for the next 50 years. 

In 2017, we acquired our new building on 17th Street in Santa Ana.  The building provides our kids and staff with a safe and well located space. Our goal now is to pay off our mortgage ensuring even more of our annual resources go directly to our programs. 

Over the last decade, we have raised funds to provide over 200 low income students with four-year renewable college scholarships. Statistics from the College Futures Foundation show that kids who receive scholarships are more likely to attend college and more importantly complete their education.  To continue this amazing effort, we are seeking to establish an endowed scholarship fund for our students. 

Another goal of our Capital Campaign is to expand all of our programs and the number of kids we serve through increased annual program support, creating greater program efficacy and improve outcomes.  Our campaign is aptly named Elevate, which not only reflects the goals of our programs, but also the ever-increasing standard of excellence we set for our Project Youth.

We hope our loyal supporters will continue their support and help us grow our impact so we can continue providing Orange County’s youth with invaluable educational, health and diversion programs. Help us make a lasting impact for our community and elevate our youth. Here’s to the next 50 years!

Sincerest regards,
Steven T. Card
2019 Project Youth OCBF President

2019 Board Officers

  • President – Steven T. Card
  • President Elect – Mark D. Erickson, Esq.
  • Secretary – Maria Z. Stearns, Esq.
  • Treasurer – Todd G. Friedland, Esq.
  • Immediate Past President – Brian M. Daucher, Esq.

Board of Directors

Christopher R. Aitken, Esq.
Alan Brutman
Steven T. Card
Timothy D. Carlyle, Esq.
Shane P. Criqui, Esq.
Alan J. Crivaro, Esq.
Brian M. Daucher, Esq.
Mark D. Erickson, Esq.
Todd G. Friedland, Esq.
Alan A. Greenberg, Esq.
William B. Grenner, Esq.
John B. Hurlbut, Jr., Esq.
Linda A. Iannelli, Esq.
Michele D. Johnson, Esq.
Kyle S. Kawakami, Esq.
Michael P. Maguire, Esq
M. Alim Malik, Esq.
Elizabeth L. McKeen, Esq.
Carolyn C. McKitterick, Esq.
Hon. Jamoa A. Moberly (Ret.)
Donald L. Morrow, Esq.
Cheryl L. O'Connor, Esq.
William S. O'Hare, Esq.
Kathleen O. Peterson, Esq.
Miguel P. Prietto, Esq.
Gregory G. Rizio, Esq.
Hon. Judith M. Ryan (Ret.)
Edward A. Schlatter, Esq.
Gary J. Singer, Esq.
James M. Skorheim, JD, CPA
Jonathan M. Skorheim, Esq.
Maria Z. Stearns, Esq.
Allan H. Stokke, Esq.
Cindy Stokke, JD
Eric V. Traut, Esq.
W. Henry Walker
Christopher P. Wesierski, Esq.
Robert J. Whalen, Esq
Michael R. Williams, Esq.
Dean J. Zipser, Esq.
2018Brian M. Daucher
2017Daniel S. Robinson
2016Kyle S. Kawakami
2015Christopher P. Wesierski
Eric V. Traut
2013Collie F. James, IV
2012Mark E. Minyard
2011John B. Hurlbut, Jr.
2010Dennis W. Ghan
2009Carolyn C. McKitterick
2008Allan J. Crivaro
2007James M. Skorheim
2006Allan H. Stokke
2005Kathleen O. Peterson
2004Michael P. Maguire
2003Wayne W. Smith
2002William S. O'Hare
2001Michael T. Hornak
2000Marshall M. Schulman
1999Cindy Stokke
1998William B. Grenner
1997Robert J. Whalen
1996Rodger M. Carey
1995Jess J. Araujo
1994Hon. Judith M. Ryan (Ret.)
1993Donald L. Morrow
1992-1989Robert S. Barnes
1989-1987Ann Avery Andres
1987-1985Richard Schwartzberg
1985-1984James Goff
1984-1980James B. Bear
1979-1973Arthur W. Gray
1972-1969Stanford Shaw