Comprehensive Campaign


As we celebrate over half a century impacting tens of thousands of lives of Orange County youth and families, we desire to make an even larger impact in the community. Over the next four years, Project Youth OC will embark on a major campaign effort with a goal of securing $5 million in public and private support through a comprehensive campaign we call Elevate Educate Empower that will be invested in three specific areas:

  1. Program Growth
    Project Youth OC is currently generating approximately $1.3 million in annual support between private philanthropy and fundraising to support its vital programs. These funds are the lifeblood of our organization. We seek to raise additional revenue to expand our programs, create greater program efficacy, and improve and track outcomes.
  2. Scholarship Endowment
    Project Youth OC prepares at-risk youth to enter college, yet they are typically the students least able to afford it. Providing college scholarships, to keep our students from going deep into debt is a high priority. Our goal is to offer $120,000 in scholarships to our students annually.
  3. Eliminating the Mortgage on Our Home
    Project Youth OC recently purchased a permanent home for our programs. This investment allows us to provide all of our services on-site in a safe  and secure environment. Our new home is centrally located for the families we serve and meets all of our programs needs. We no longer have to worry about the rising costs of leasing or facilities that do not adequately meet our needs. Purchasing a permanent home has been one of our most impactful accomplishments. The mortgage balance on our home is $1.7 million which, when eliminated, will make tens of thousands of dollars available every year for our programs. This will lead to even more lives transformed.

These investments will position us to continue to serve and expand services for hundreds of youth and families each and every year.

You can learn more about the impact of the campaign in our Commit to Youth Brochure:

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Nancy Garcia at ngarcia@pyocbf.org or at 714.480.1925 ext. 108.

A special thank you to our Elevate Educate Empower Comprehensive Campaign Chairs: James & Linda Skorheim, Allan & Cindy Stokke, Patrick and Judith Ryan (Honorable, Ret.)

Donor Levels
Champion of Empowerment: $1,000,000+
Guardian of Success: $500,000+
Advocate of Healthy Lives: $200,000+
Provider of Opportunities: $100,000+
Beacon of Strength: $50,000+
Source of Positivity: $30,000+
Supporter of Change: $20,000+

Keeper of Hope: $10,000+
Mentor of Progress: $5,000+
Ambassador of Positive Choices: $500+

Thank you to our Elevate Educate Empower Campaign Donors!

Champions of Empowerment

Jeffrey M. Carlton

Advocates of Healthy Lives

Brian & Dianne Daucher
John C. Herklotz 

Providers of Opportunities

Gary & Carolyn McKitterick
Alan & Maria Stearns

Beacons of Strength

John & Betty Altstadt
Bryan Cameron
Steve & Angie Card
Michele D. Johnson
Patrick & Judith Ryan
Eric & Pamela Traut
Christopher & Maureen Wesierski

Sources of Positivity

Alan & Karen Brutman
Dennis & Mary Ghan
Alan & Gina Greenberg
William & Patricia Grenner
Kyle & Cherril Kawakami
Skorheim Family


Supporters of Change

Alan & Madeleine Crivaro
Mark & Cathy Erickson
John & Suzi Hurlbut
William & Theresa O’Hare
Edward & Regina Schlatter
Allan & Cindy Stokke

Keepers of Hope

Tim & Lyn Carlyle
Todd & D’Ann Friedland
Jim & Nancy Garcia
Arthur Kidman
Mike & Cindy Maguire
Alim Malik
Cheryl O’Connor
Daniel & Cate Robinson
Karen Ruan
Jaritt & Erin Ruff
Henry Walker
Dean & Este Zipser

Mentors of Progress

William & Amy Claster
Kenneth Curtis
The Honorable John Gastelum
Parker & Sherry Kennedy
O’Melveny & Meyers
The Honorable Jamoa A. Moberly (Ret.)
Don & Judy Morrow
Andrew & Cheryl Prout
Gary & Melanie Singer
The Honorable Nancy Wieben Stock (Ret.)
Jared & Teresa Toffer
Richard & Marcia Vogl
Mike Williams

Ambassadors of Positive Choices

James & Grace Gray
Michael & Alicia Hornack
Wesley & Cammie Polischuk
Miguel & Sandy Prietto
Michael Pursell
Jeffrey Reeves
Lawrence Rudd