“As a board member and ICAN! Committee member I am grateful to be a part of the launch of Project Youth OCBF’s new ICAN! program. ICAN! moves young people from a childhood that was challenging, complicated, and fell short of their potential to a concretely successful adulthood for themselves, their families, and their communities. In the ICAN! program, young people will determine what they are good at and get our help in executing on a vocational plan that provides purpose and personal prosperity; something many of them have not seen or experienced. Vocational work in skilled trades supports our communities, supports the person, and supports lifelong self-reliance through accessible accomplishment. It is important work and a work we can all support and work to grow. I am so excited to see what ICAN! will do.” 

– Carrie E. Foglesong, Esq., Minyard Morris
Project Youth OCBF Board Member


Our newest program, ICAN! (Independence, Competence, and Aptitudes, Now!), has been developed to complement our established diversions programs, SHORTSTOP and STOP SHORT of Addiction.
ICAN! provides services to at-risk, transition-aged youth.
ICAN! assists participants to identify their vocational interests and complete career training at a designated trade school, technical institute or community college vocational program.

Get Started

Youth will start the ICAN! program after they successfully complete a Project Youth OCBF Diversion Program and turn 17 years of age. If you would like further information, contact Manny Gutierrez.


  • Orange County youth aged 17 to 22
  • Successfully completed a program at PY OCBF or been directly referred to ICAN!
  • Not planning to attend a 4-year college/university in the next 2 years
Manny Gutierrez 
Program Manager
714.480.1925, ext. 114
Eric Hernandez 
Case Manager
714.480.1925, ext. 111
Gabriel Ruan 
Case Manager
714.480.1925, ext. 129
Silvestre Lopez 
Case Manager
714.480.1925, ext. 131