An Update from Project Youth OCBF on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we hope this message finds you healthy and safe. We wanted to let you know that thanks to your ongoing support, we are able to continue our community outreach when it is needed most.

Project Youth OCBF is Here.

We are in daily contact with the families we serve and not surprisingly they are worried about the loss of income and the duration of that loss and its impact on making ends meet. We want our youth and families to thrive and now more than ever we are committed to our mission of keeping at-risk youth in school, healthy and drug-free through education, counseling, mentoring, and family strengthening.

  • We are providing emotional support, linkages to resources in the community and assisting with gift cards to meet their basic needs such as food and essential items.
  • We are coordinating with our legal community, health, education, law enforcement and community partners to identify key local resources for families to access.
  • We are educating our youth and families on the public announcements regarding COVID-19 and providing linkages to medical care and related care.

Let me introduce you to Anne.

Anne is a Project Youth OCBF Higher Education Mentoring Program graduate now enrolled in college away from home. She shared with us that she was permitted to stay on campus because travel home was expensive and more dangerous for her compromised health. But, her campus job was halted so she had very little spending money and she was hungry. With no transportation and no one around, she didn’t know what to do. PY OCBF immediately emailed a Target e-gift card to have food delivered. Our academic counselors continue to provide emotional support. Anne is so grateful, she says “I was hungry, felt very lonely and stressed out.” Just like Anne, we have various unique cases. You can make a difference in the lives of our youth.

We are stronger together. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Serving with you,
Karen Ruan
Executive Director

We are using donated funds to provide gift cards for food and basic essentials for our youth and families in need. Any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!