PY OCBF Youth Head Back to School

On August 13th, Project Youth OCBF in partnership with Gonzalez Northgate Markets provided over 50 families with food and grocery gift cards and additionally provided 100 school backpacks for kids to help with back-to-school learning. We all know back-to-school is not the same this year, but we all know our children need to learn. Having the tools to learn is just as important this year. Each child was able to choose a backpack that fit their personality. It was wonderful seeing children so happy and excited to have a new backpack to store their new school supplies we provided. Thanks to Gonzalez Northgate Markets and their partners Nabisco and Bimbo these back-to-school loaded backpacks were made possible. PY OCBF is extremely grateful to have this donation to include in the PY OCBF August food drive. It was heartwarming to see how excited and thankful our families were for the support.

Thank you to all our PY OCBF donors who continue to donate to help us continue our bi-monthly food drives and gift card pandemic relief support efforts. Soon we will be planning for the holidays on how best we can support our families in need this holiday season. Rest assured food and toys will be on the menu with lots a well wishes and wrap around support services. We are grateful we have such a generous donor base to help us to make sure youth and families are cared for and supported.