Responding to the New Need

We feel incredibly lucky to have such compassionate and generous donors who are continuing to provide aid during these times of uncertainty. We want to take a moment during our current situation to say thank you and share some family stories of appreciation.

Making A Difference

SHORTSTOP Staff Making A Difference

Robert is a 12-year-old who was getting into trouble in school and creating chaos at home for his single mom Rosa. Rosa finally had enough and sought help for Robert in SHORTSTOP. They participated in the program in February 2020 prior to COVID19. Since COVID-19 Shelter in Place, PY OCBF staff has initiated weekly wellness checks by calling and providing mental, emotional and economic support. The program support did wonders for Robert and Rosa. Robert’s behavior changed for the be er, and Rosa was truly grateful for the support. She continues to receive weekly telephone calls from PY OCBF staff and has received food donations. Unable to make it to food drives due to lack of transportation, SHORTSTOP staff delivers food boxes and essentials to them at Rosa’s brothers’ home where they are currently staying. “The look on Robert’s face when he saw Manny, his SHORTSTOP Case Manager, pull up to his uncles’ home was priceless,” says PY OCBF Coordinator Maricruz. Knowing that his mother was struggling to put food on the table, Robert was beyond grateful and looked at Manny with a huge smile, yelling from 6 feet away that he would hug him if he could!” Rosa came out with tears in her eyes as she picked up the boxes Manny had left. Included with their food supplies were gift cards to local grocery stories, a packet of information listing local resources and notes of support from PY OCBF staff.

Youth Making Proud Choices (YMPC) Staff

Natalie, a PY OCBF – YMPC Health Educator, spoke to a mom who had a son in the YMPC program; the mom was completely overwhelmed with so much on her plate and barely making it financially. Dad works part- me, and she cleans houses when work is available. They have five kids, three teen boys and two little ones. Mom was feeling like she could not catch a break! Natalie linked her to mental health services through her insurance (Cal Opma) and assisted her to contact a therapist and registered her for counseling services. Natalie offered over the phone math tutoring assistance for her sons. Natalie also arranged for the family to receive monthly PY OCBF food boxes and gift cards for groceries.


DONORS Making a Difference

Thanks to loyal PY OCBF givers and new donors, PY OCBF food and gift card drives continue to thrive providing hundreds of families with food and essentials each month. Together we are making a big difference in our community in these difficult COVID-19 Shelter in Place times.

At our most recent food drive on May 12th, PY OCBF provided 55 families with food, essentials and gift cards. So many recipients expressing their appreciation for the continued support at a time when they need it the most.

PY OCBF will continue to provide food and grocery gift cards to families in need for as long as necessary. Your continued help with donations is greatly appreciated. Food items can be dropped off at PY OCBF offices Mon – Thurs 10AM – 3PM.

Donation Drop Off Location
1605 E. 17th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Donate online and we will do the shopping for you!