ocbf_image2Project Youth OCBF has been built upon a long legacy, deep within Orange County’s legal and business communities. Initially established as the philanthropic arm of the Orange County Bar Association in 1981, Project Youth has become an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency.

Project Youth has been working on the front lines with at-risk youth and their families for over 40 years. As a direct service provider, Project Youth continues to offer unique effective programming that helps our youth and families better navigate tough situations. Project Youth is a one-stop center for integrated prevention and intervention services that address youth crime, gang involvement, behavioral and mental health, and substance abuse.  Project Youth also provides college readiness and job development programs for youth, as well as family strengthening and health education resources.  Second chances and healthy choices are more readily achieved when the whole family is involved and focused on a positive future. 

By honoring its legacy and looking ahead towards the future, Project Youth reinvests the knowledge and dedication of its legal, corporate, and philanthropic communities to its mission of keeping at-risk youth in school, healthy, and drug-free.  Project Youth garners the support of partnerships with local school districts, law enforcement, and health care agencies. Through its expertise and engagement, Project Youth is able to effectively educate and mentor youth and families on the importance of embracing restorative justice, living healthier lives, and making the most of second chances.

Together we are empowering positive changes in Orange County youth and their families.